The (bright) future of ENEAR

Three years ago, we initiated the development of the European Network for Experimental Accounting Research (ENEAR). We had two great events, the ENEAR summer school for PhD students and junior faculty members in the summer of 2015 in Amsterdam, and the ENEAR conference in Leuven in June of 2017. We felt that to consolidate the initiative, and to further extend ENEAR and fully develop its potential, it was time to take some further steps. What we have done is the following:

  • We have decided to make the ENEAR conference a returning item on the academic agenda. It will be a biennial two-day conference, with the first half of the first day of the conference reserved for a doctoral colloquium. The location will shift.
  • We have established an executive board that organizes the conference, updates the ENEAR website, takes action to find sponsors and other sources of funding, etc. Initially, the executive board will consist of members of the “founding fathers and mothers” of ENEAR, but we are looking for other people who would be interested in joining the team, and, in time, take over responsibilities. We would also expect one or two representatives of the university organizing the upcoming ENEAR conference to be part of the executive committee.
  • We have established a scientific board that will help select papers for the conference and supports the executive board shaping the future of ENEAR. The scientific board consists of senior academics from different schools and different research areas.
  • We have updated this website and there is an intention to keep it up-to-date (we are still looking for a “webmaster”!)

Please be assured that, notwithstanding this step towards formalization, we still see ENEAR as a network of friends and colleagues interested in similar issues and doing similar types of research. It is not our intention to become a real organization with members, bylaws, formal meetings etc. We just want to make sure that the great thing that we have now has an even brighter future, which is less dependent on the time and effort of specific individuals.

If you would like to contribute or have ideas for initiatives that fit well with the basic idea of ENEAR, please contact us using the email address:



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