ENEAR is the European Network for Experimental Accounting Research. ENEAR was founded in December 2014 by Alexandra van den Abbeele from KU Leuven (Belgium), Anna Gold from VU University in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Victor Maas from the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). ENEAR is a platform for accounting academics in Europe and the rest of the world who are interested and/or involved in research using experimental methods (e.g., lab experiments, case-based experiments, field experiments).

Outside North America very few academic accounting departments have a tradition of doing experimental research or training accounting PhD students in experimental methods. As a result, experimental accounting researchers tend to be relatively isolated at their institutions and are often autodidacts who have organized their own training by reading books or taking courses at psychology or economics departments.

ENEAR connects experimental accounting researchers in Europe and beyond and facilitates their interaction. After organizing a first doctoral colloquium in 2015 and a conference in 2017, starting 2019 ENEAR will organize a biennial research conference, which incorporates a doctoral colloquium.

ENEAR events are organized by a small executive committee and ENEAR is supported by a larger scientific board which consists of experimental researchers from around the globe and representing different subdisciplines.

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